Paracord Christmas Ornaments - Sets of 3 Candy Cane and Marble Collect All 3

$ 9.99

Hand-made Set of 3 Paracord Christmas Ornaments

This is our set of Candy Cane & Blue. We offer sets of these with a white marble center, a blue marble, or a green marble center. Collect all three this Christmas.

Add a bit of the outdoors to your tree this Christmas with these stunning Paracord Ornaments.

These are hand-tied by our friend Joshua Raines over at Opossum's Paracord and we are excited to offer them exclusively this Christmas Season.

Get the original now in sets of 3 by clicking above.

They are approx. 3" in height (including the top loop) and 1 5/8" wide. They come with a 3/4" white marble center.

These make great gifts as well.

More than anything, we hope you and your family have a safe and merry Christmas!

As always, thanks for your interest.


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