Jig Pro Multi-Monkey Pro Jig

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The Multi-Monkey Pro Jig comes complete with a well fitting sturdy base & (4) sturdy 1/4" hardwood posts.

The double sided design allows for multiple size monkey fists to be made by simply repositioning the sturdy 1/4" hard wood posts into pre-drilled holes.

This Jig is capable of making monkey fists from 5/8" up to 2 1/4" (8 ball size) in diameter all on the same jig.

The Multi-Monkey Pro Jig simplifies the monkey fist making process and will help produce a nice, even monkey fist.

Don't forget to get some Paracord and a few Chrome Steel Ball Bearings to use as the cores of your monkey fists.

Please note that the cores and finished Monkey Fists shown in the photos are for illustration purposes only and are not included.

Please check state statues on legalities of carrying monkey fists, Celtic Slammers, etc.