3" Steel Type II Paracord Fid - Buy 2 Get 1 Free - Multi-Use Lacing/Stitching Needle

$ 3.99

For a limited time, we have these Buy 2 Get 1 Free!

3" Steel Type II Paracord Fids

We used the same photos as our Type III fids since the lighting was just so perfect that day, but these are different fids from the Type III.

Take a look at the comparison photo we've included showing the difference in barrel width.

These are great for Mid-Size 220#, 275#, 325#, 330#, 400#, 425# & Type II Paracord. They feature all-important blunted tip so as not to snag your paracord while knotting.

Perfect for your longer, more intricate paracord projects like tying The Celtic Slammer

Don't forget, you'll need some Paracord to go with these fids.