Our 550 Survival Paracord is always manufactured in the USA with 100% nylon raw materials and offers a full seven strand core. Not all 550 cords can meet these specifications. 

Ours does.

Our Type III 550 Paracord features seven individual inner core strands that are cabled. The inner core strands not only serve to add strength to the overall product integrity, but sections of the core can be used as sewing thread, fishing lines, and many other survival uses. This cord is great for outdoor camping, hunting, tactical, survival bracelets and more. Our nylon material is very strong and pliable and seen as a standard “must have" product by many hunters, campers, preppers and backpackers.

Keep some in your glove box, backpack, trunk, go-bag, toolbox, gun case or console.

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Made in the USA.

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