Anyone Like Good Music? #3

Posted by Doug Arnold on

We got tickets to the Paul Simon show at The Ryman Auditorium yesterday!

It's in May.

Talk about fired up.

A college roommate turned me on to Paul Simon's Concert in Central Park.

The African influence that he sought out and cultivated in his music can be heard throughout the concert. Most if not all the band here is from Africa.

I got to watch this concert on VHS a while back, but still after I'd had the CD for years. I remember thinking how much of a band leader or conductor he seemed. He is one of a kind that's for sure...a true musician in every respect.

This double disc album is one of my all time favorites.

I got to see him and Bob Dylan in Memphis in the late 90s.

We were late. We came in and he was playing "Can't Run But."

The lyric repeats, "I can't run, but I can walk much faster than this."

Fitting at the time.

Anyway, this is part of the thread that's running through all good music that I've been talking about. He came through Muscle Shoals. He wrote about Graceland and The South. He played with Willie. Just good music. 

My wife, who admits to being the most unmusical person on the planet, LOVES Paul Simon.

She sanctioned the purchase of the tickets, and we can't wait.

In honor, here's a very badly recorded (the audio is good) version of his concert in Central Park. It's not the entire thing, but it's a good sampling. What a day it must have been.



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