Anyone Like Good Music? #2

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I'm originally from the Mississippi Delta. For the last 15 years I've been in Nashville.

Music has been a large part of my life.

As much as the songs themselves, I love the history and the backstory of songs, the writer, the context at the time of the writing, the interpretation of the performer, subsequent covers...all of it. It makes the songs so much better.

On that subject, I thought this might be interesting.

Here's The King of The Delta Blues, Robert Johnson's Come On In My Kitchen done four very different ways.

Take a listen to all four and see what you think.

Which one is your favorite and why?

Post comments below.

Most of all, enjoy...

The original was recorded in 1936 in Texas. There are two versions still around. Here's one....  

Next up is Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett doing their version with Legendary Duane Allman accompanying on slide. I have recently discovered Delaney and Bonnie. Apparently, they were best friends with all my heroes. Delaney was even from Mississippi! Eric Clapton credits Delaney with showing him how to play the slide. How did I miss this? Anyway, they're great. More on them later...

Here's Leon's version. His interpretation of songs are epic. Occasionally he takes liberties with the words as he does here, but like Hendrix, Cocker, Dylan, & me in the ain't got to even be in tune if it's something like this... 

Finally, the most polished version by The Allman Brothers Band in the early 90s. Tight as usual. Warren Haynes is my hero and can do no wrong. The guitar work here is spectacular.

Again, which is better and why?

Suggestions on future posts welcome. What are you into?

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