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We love good music and want to feature some of our favorites here every week or two. If y'all have suggestions for future posts, let us know.

There are threads that connect all good music.

If your personal thread is of any length at all, you can bet that Leon Russell runs through it somewhere. 

Plug in to the middle of our thread here with a RARE look at a black & white version of Joe Cocker's Cover of The Letter by The Box Tops.

Joe Cocker's band during his 70-71 tour featured a blessed outfit of rednecks & hippies that had been playing together for a few years before hooking up with him. I stumbled on Joe Cocker's Greatest Hits early in life by accident luckily (someone left it in the floor board of my car in high school) and have been a fan ever since. It blew me away.

Leon Russell is the quintessential redneck hippie that we all wish we could be for a weekend or two... He's on piano and leads the crew. Bobby Keys is on sax.

Pamela Polland, Rita Coolidge & Claudia Lennear are on backing vocals. I believe I saw Don Preston in there on guitar among others who you can see on Leon's Homewood Sessions.

Those are priceless too and will definitely be the subject of a subsequent ALGM in the near future.

This group was only together with Joe for a couple years and, looking back over his career, you can tell when he was with them and when he wasn't (before and after.) They were soulful & tight. 

When I first moved to Nashville (2001), I worked as a bank teller and Bobby Keys (the sax player in the video - RIP) used to bank with me. We called him Mr. Bobby. I was young and clueless of course. He was easy going and never let on who exactly he was. He mentioned he was a musician but NEVER let on what a rich history he'd had smack dab in the middle of the fusion between British and American Rock & Roll. I'd take his deposit and wait to get off work so I could go listen to Delta Lady...

The point is: This rag tag bunch - thrown together in a pinch by Leon Russell at the last minute - made magic together.

Until next time...enjoy...

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