How To Tie The Fight or Flight Bar by Opossum's Paracord Posted on 22 Sep 23:09 , 0 comments


We'd like to use this blog to feature you. 

Sure, our gear is for emergencies, but it's also for using now.

So, on this blog we'll post your pics, videos, emails, & tweets demonstrating how you are using our gear.

We want this to be a place to share ideas. 

With that in mind, I could not think of a more fitting First Official Stockstill Outdoor Supply Blog Post than this:

A quick search for "paracord bracelet" will turn up a slew of websites (including this one) offering your choice of cobras, jawbones, sinnets & all other creative weaves in all the colors of the rainbow, all of which are fantastic but, we've never seen anything quite like The Fight or Flight Bar Paracord Bracelet.

Josh over at Opossum's Paracord designed this, and it's really a work of art.

We are proud to say he used Stockstill Outdoor gear exclusively to make it.

We hope you will choose to do the same when you attempt this monster.

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